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MTAQ Board Of Directors

The Board of MTA Queensland comprises 11 industry experts. Each board member is currently working in the industry and has real world knowledge of the issues that are important to the businesses in their sector. Another four Independent Directors, each with a wealth of general corporate and management experience, sit on the Board. This diversity of membership gives the Board a practical balance of automotive-specific and general business expertise.


Chair, MTA Queensland
Chair, Queensland Motorcycle Industry Division
Executive Committee Member

Paul Peterson became the MTA Queensland Chair in November 2018 after serving as the MTA Queensland Secretary from 2010 to 2018.
Paul has also served as the Chair of the Queensland Motorcycle Industry Division since 2005 and aims to work with his committee to develop initiatives which stimulate industry growth and which lift the level of training and professionalism in the industry as a whole.
Paul has worked in the motorcycle sales sector of the automotive industry since 1996 and works full-time role as the Director of Pro Motorcycles.


Vice Chair, MTA Queensland
Chair, Used Car Division
Executive Committee Member

Peter Dever was elected as Chair of the Used Car Division and joined the MTA Queensland Board in 2017 after being a member for three years.

Beginning his career in 1985 as a used car salesman he quickly rose up through the ranks and is now the dealer principal of Supamerc, a Brisbane based specialist European vehicle dealership.

Peter’s vision for the industry and the Used Car Division sector is to ensure the interests of small independent member businesses are being well represented.


Secretary, MTA Queensland
Chair, Rental Vehicle Industry Division
Executive Committee Member

Grant Harrison began working in the automotive industry in 1989 beginning his career operating and managing a small defence fleet.

Grant has been involved in the rental vehicle industry for over 10 years managing large national commercial vehicle fleets. Grant became Chair of the Rental Vehicle Industry Division (RVID) in 2017 after joining MTA Queensland in 2009 and holding Secretary and Vice Chairman roles.

Grants vision is to represent the industry and ensure that the RVID remains relevant and adds value to its membership.


Director, MTA Queensland
Chair, Engine Reconditioners Association of Queensland
Executive Committee Member

Mark Bryers started working in the automotive industry in Ipswich in 1979. He has been Chair of the Engine Reconditioners Association of Queensland since 2007. Mark says his main goal as Chair of his Division is to see specialists in the industry paid fair rates for the complex technical jobs they do.

Mark has been employed by Engine Australia for the past 25 years and currently serves as their National Sales and Marketing Manager.


Director, MTA Queensland
Chair, Automotive Engineers Division
Far North Queensland Representative
Mark Dodge was elected as Chair of the Automotive Engineers Division and joined the MTA Queensland Board in 2015 after serving a short period as divisional Chair in a caretaker capacity.
Mark began his automotive industry career in 1975 as a mechanical apprentice at a Holden Dealership. He is now the co-owner of Mark Dodge Motoring, a business that delivers extensive automotive services to the Cairns region.
A long-time member of the MTAQ, Mark is committed to helping members recognise the technological changes occurring in the industry, and to helping them adapt and innovate for the future.


Director, MTA Queensland

Chair, Automotive Parts Recyclers Division

Jasmine Flanagan was elected as the Chair of the Automotive Parts Recyclers Division in 2023, having joined the APRD Committee in 2021.

Jasmine joined the automotive industry in 2016 when she purchased Currumbin Wreckers. In addition to managing the sales, managerial and accounting roles of the business, Jasmine is a qualified parts interpreter and works with customers to ensure they receive the best quality, correct parts.

Jasmine is committed to driving innovation in the parts recyclers sector and supporting businesses in Queensland to thrive.


Director, MTA Queensland
Chair, Tyre and Undercar Division of Queensland
Michael has worked within the Bob Jane T-Marts franchise since 2000. He is currently the Franchisee of Bob Jane Tmart Nerang. With over 20 years of management experience within the franchise, Michael brings a wealth of experience and knowledge combined with a youthful enthusiasm for business operations in the industry. He prides himself on old fashioned good quality service combined with modern cutting edge technology and fantastic inventory and product knowledge.
Michael was successful in obtaining a diploma of management from the MTAQ. He attributes his success in business in part to the knowledge he gained from this course.
Michael has seen massive changes in the Tyre industry since 2000 and is exited about the future and direction of the motor industry in general.
Michael is a master communicator and is passionate about helping people and their businesses. As Chairman for the TUDQ and Director of the board Michael will advocate for all Members and guarantee every members’ voice is heard.


Director, MTA Queensland
Chair, Service Station and Convenience Store Association of Queensland
Tim Kane has been involved in the Service Station business since 1988 when he started as a driveway attendant. Now the Manager of BP Yandina, Tim has been heavily involved in the Service Station and Convenience Store Association of Queensland since becoming Vice-Chairman in 1998.
Since his election as Chair in 2001, Tim has worked closely with regulatory authorities and other parties with the view to maintaining competition in the industry and making sure independent service station operators get a ‘fair go’.


Director, MTA Queensland
Chair, National Auto Collision Alliance
Andrea McCarthy has over 24 years’ experience in the panel repair industry, owning and managing her own facility, McCarthy Panel Works in Mackay.
In 2014, Andrea joined the committee of the National Auto Collision Alliance after being elected into the secretary role. In June 2020, Andrea was elected Chair of the Division.
In 2017, Andrea joined the board of I-CAR Australia’s Industry Advisory Board.
Andrea aspires to spark change within the industry and encourage others to do the same.


Director, MTA Queensland
North Queensland Representative
Rod Pether held the position of North Queensland’s representative back in 2002 to 2017, before returning to the MTA Queensland Board in 2022. He is committed to bringing region-specific issues to the attention of both government and industry bodies and will continue to work closely with all MTA Queensland divisions in the North.
Rod began his automotive career in 1977 as an apprentice motor mechanic with Mercedes/Toyota passenger vehicles, moving to Carmichael Ford in 1982 as a cadet valuer. 1985 saw a move to sales full-time with Toyota in Used Cars. Fired by a desire to operate his own business Rod managed an independent Used Cars outlet before opening Rod Pether Motors in 1990.
As well as a passion for the Motor Industry, Rod has supported Variety Qld, the children’s charity since 1994 raising funds for underprivileged children in Queensland.


Director, MTA Queensland
Chair, Australian Automotive Dealer Association
Central Queensland Representative

James Robertson has been the Central Queensland representative on the MTA Queensland Board since 2013 and is the Dealer Principal for his family’s business, Bill Robertson Toyota, which was established in 1972, as well as the Managing Director of the Gladstone News Weekly.
James believes that family-owned businesses form an important part of the Queensland economy, providing long term stability, expertise and employment, and that the MTA Queensland can provide a voice for business as well as valuable training and support.
James became the MTA Queensland Secretary in November 2018.