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Consumer Complaints Process

MTA Queensland is not a regulatory authority however we do represent individual Motor Industry businesses that are members of our Association in the capacity of facilitating complaints. 


If consumers wish to make a complaint about a business that is a member of MTA Queensland please do the following.

1. Ensure the business you wish to make a complaint about is a member of MTA Queensland.
If the business is not a member of MTA Queensland please direct your complaint to The Office of Fair Trading

2. Ensure that you have spoken with the member (business) in the first instance about your concern/s, taking note of the name of the person and the date.

3. If you are unable to resolve your concern, please fill in the Complaints Form below.

4. Once your complaint has been received, MTA Queensland will facilitate the communication to the member and request a response.

5. Once a response has been received you will be advised of the outcome.

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Business in which you are making a complaint about. This Business must be a member of MTA Queensland.

You can search for MTA Queensland members from the button at the top of the page.

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Please include evidence that supports your consumer complaint by uploading documents or images. You can upload multiple images at once. Simply click 'Select Files' and then click 'Upload Files'.

We encourage you to upload as much evidence as you can.

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